Web Based School Software – 5 Tips to Improve Your Business

Web Based School Software – 5 Tips to Improve Your Business

If you are a Director or Business owner of a school, it is essential that you should manage your school with the help of web based school software. One of your main area of concern should be how to make good profit? For making good profit, you need to increase your revenue which is cash inflow. At the same time you also need to control your losses which are cash outflow due to dropout students and un-necessary expenses. If your cash inflow is increasing as compared to the cash outflow, it means your school is making profit.

Web Based School Software

Following are 5 tips to improve your business

Enhance Students Intake

Students intake can be enhanced by improving your marketing methods. Allocate a separate budget for seasonal and yearlong marketing strategies. Give incentives and targets to your School Head and teachers for getting new admissions. Your school’s front desk should be highly professional, polite and helpful. Use marketing methods such as handbills, newsletters, advertisements in newspapers and social media. Start using a web based school software that gives the facility to keep track of new admissions as soon as an inquiry is received.


Generate Students Billing With the Help of Web based School Software

Your billing department should be able to generate students billing with the help of powerful web based school software. Such software should be easy to use so that all relevant staff and supervisors are able to view and print students billing from their own computers. Cash handling should be avoided and all types of fee are to be deposited in appropriate banks. Useful summaries and reports about fee bills should be available.

Minimize Defaulters

Your web based school software should be able to properly update fee receipts. It should also be able to show list of defaulter students with their outstanding fee bill details. In other words, information about defaulters should be readily available.

Efficient follow up procedures such as automated reminder and cancellation notices through the web based school software should be devised and implemented. Extension of due dates and late fee fine waivers should be avoided. Remember, if a student becomes a defaulter for a few months, there is likelihood that such defaulter students may start leaving the school without paying their outstanding fee.

Minimize Dropouts

Your School Head should be made responsible to minimize dropouts. Each dropout must be viewed seriously. A proforma should be devised so that reasons of dropouts are known. The problems which may lead to dropout should be rectified. School Head should try his/her level best to satisfy parents by removing their grievances, if any. Your web based school software should have the facility of Parents Portal. Close communication with the parents through Parent’s Portal will be useful to bridge the gap between school and parents.

Improve Your Education Standard

Main objective of parents is to seek better education standard for their children. You should devise methods to improve your education standard. Computerized results should be prepared with the help of web based school software. Teachers training sessions and their continuous counseling should be carried out by the School Head. Reputed teachers should be hired and change of teachers during the sessions should be avoided. Training material and video lessons should be made available to the students by uploading these on the Parent’s Portal of web based school software. Communication of students / parents with the teachers through the Parents Portal will also be highly useful.

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