Student Information Management System – 5 Things To Look For 2

Student Information Management System – 5 Things To Look For

What are the five things you must have in your student information management system? There are a lot of software companies producing software for schools but very few of those actually fit the needs of schools in an ideal way. School Principals and Administrators are often found asking which student information management system should they acquire. The most important thing regarding this is to know what areas of their schools do they want to manage? We list five most important things that an effective and efficient student information management system must have.

student information management system

System for managing enrollment of students

The first and most important feature would be a built in system for managing the enrollment of students at your school. You should be able to enter students’ data as soon as an admission inquiry is received by your school administration.
After the admission requirements are completed, you should be able to transfer students in the main section of your database where you handle and manage enrolled students. Often is the case with many student information management system that they do not have features to manage and administer admission inquiries. With many a software you would have to handle pre-enrollment procedures on papers and enter students in database only when they are accepted for admission. On the other hand if you acquire a software that handles pre-admission procedures effectively, you would also be able to generate a variety of reports to analyze conversion rate and performance of your admission departments.

System for Students Fee Management

With a variety of software available for schools and colleges it is often possible to make a mistake of signing up for a software that does not handle your dues and fees the way you would want. Each school has its own fee structure that have certain rules about it. There can be fee discounts for deserving students. There can be different fee discounts for children of staff members. There can be fines and there can be all sorts of variations in the actual fee charged to the students even in the same grade or class level. Most school administration software would not give you the kind of liberty to implement such fee rules. Before you pay for your school fee management software, it would be wise of you to discuss such demands with the software companies at length.

System for Exam Management

Student information management systems often advertise that they include a module for exam management but what is a suitable exam management system for your school. As is often the case, your school might have certain peculiar rules for testing and assessing various subjects and those rules might vary for every class or grade level. You might like to print students’ progress reports with marks and grades or you might like to print them with grades only. You might like to print an aggregate score of a particular subject or you might like to show sub-sections for a particular subject. You might take your exams on monthly basis or bi-monthly or whenever you want. You might like to show cumulative marks/grades or you might like to show marks/grades for the current exam only. The truth is that all techniques are perfect as long as the schools know what they are doing. The issue is finding a suitable exam management or a grading software that does things exactly the way you want. Will this feature of your student information management system have complete control of your resources? After all, you want to run your school in your own way rather than the way the software company dictates it.

System for managing students attendance

Marking the daily attendance of students is often found to be a time consuming task for teachers. Moreover, almost every school has to face problems because there have been discrepancies in their students’ attendance at the end of semester of academic year. It is therefore, important to look for a student information management system that devises an attendance marking method which is easier and less time consuming for teachers. Also this data should be interlinked with the grading module of your software.

Centralized Database for schools with multiple branches

This concept is useful for those schools that have multiple branches. Often a school’s main office is based in one particular city and their higher management finds it difficult to oversee performance of their schools located in farther areas. In order to keep a consistent check on the performance of students and staff of your schools located further away from your central office, you must acquire a suitable student management software that gives complete access to your databases of other branches. Your student information management system should also be able to generate a wide variety of reports for a comparative analysis of all areas of your schools.

If you are thinking of acquiring a student information management system for your school, you must find a software company that can work with you on all these areas because it is not about acquiring technology but acquiring technology that works for you.

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