Student Attendance

 Student Attendance 

Student attendance management system is an integral part of the student information system. The Schoolware offers great tools for monitoring and comparing attendance of your students.

Summary of students’ attendance and itsconsolidation report will be useful during Parent-Teacher Meetings and while sending students’ progress reports.

If you want to track attendance of a single student, a group of students, entire class, grade or section, or even the entire school, our Student Attendance Management System can generate all these useful reports with a few simple clicks.

The user friendly nature of Student attendance management system makes it very convenient and time saving for you to enter the daily attendance of your students on the online attendance register. One person can mark the attendance of the entire school in less than 30 minutes and if you want to get your teachers to mark the attendance of their respective classes, it would not take more than a few minutes for them to do it.

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