School Management Software – Five Essential Features Your Software Must Have

School Management Software – Five Essential Features Your Software  Must Have

In today’s challenging World, performance of any software can be measured based on its features. Following are five essential features which your School Management Software must have:

Well Designed and Easy to Use

A well designed and easy to use School Management Software is very important for its success. It is to be noted that its implementation is equally important.  Implementation can only be achieved if proper user manual and after sale support is available.

Web Based

Web based School Management Software refers to a program that can be used through a web browser. The computer should be connected with the internet. There will not be any need to install the software on any computer. User will just enter his/her user name and password.

username and pw

After login, the pre-assigned user rights / privileges will be shown. In case of multi-branches, there will be a central data base of all branches. All types of changes will be updated on the central data base. Up to date latest information will always be available to the authorized users.


Custom made School Management Software for a school is developed specifically for that school. This type of software will require lot of time and resources before using it for any school. The reverse of custom software is ‘Off-the-shelf Software’. Major drawback with the ‘Off-the-shelf Software’ is that it is difficult to make any changes or tuning. Customizable software is neither custom made nor off the shelf. Users will not be required to go through the hassle of designing and developing the software. They will not be restricted for making any changes. Best School Management Software should be readily available and readily customizable.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

The term ‘Software as a Service (SAAS)’ is referred to a software which is on demand basis. It is similar to renting your School Management Software instead of buying it.

saas cloud
Traditionally software is purchased by paying its upfront price with yearly maintenance contract. On the other hand in case of SAAS, you just need to pay its monthly rental. In this case if you are not satisfied, you will be able to discontinue your agreement. That is why your vendor will provide you excellent and out of the way support. They will also extend full help in order to avoid cancellation of your contract. You will not need to spend any heavy upfront price for the purchase of software. There will also be no need for you to buy your domain and hosting.

Parent’s Portal

Majority of parents want to view real time updates about their child’s academic progress. They are often unable to make frequent visits to the school. With parent’s portal, they are provided up to date information about their child’s performance. The portal will consist of academic and extracurricular activities of each student. Parents will also be happy to know about their child’s missed homework, assignment and activity. Important notices will also be shown through the parent’s portal. Inclusion of Parent’s Portal with the School Management Software will be extremely useful for the parents. It is a proven fact that effective participation of parents result in improved student’s performance and better class participation.

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