Importance of Grading Software In Schools – Do’s and Don’ts

Importance of Grading Software In Schools – Do’s and Don’ts

Grading software should be a big deal for all schools and it is something which should be looked into with a lot of carefulness and understanding. There are certain patterns that every school follows when it comes to teaching, emphasizing, assessing and grading different subjects that they teach. Some schools are known for produce world class doctors and engineers whereas some schools are known for producing world renowned writers and journalists. Some schools produce the most eloquent debaters while others produce world class sportsmen. If you look at this phenomenon closely, you would find out that this has a lot to do with what subjects and activities these schools focus on.
This essentially means that these schools have devised and perfected certain patterns in their teaching and evaluation system that help them continuously produce students that ultimately excel in those certain fields.
In our previous article titled Student Information Management System – 5 Things To Look For, we explored what principals and administrators should look for if they are thinking of acquiring a complete suite of a school management software. However we feel that we should dedicate one entire article for discussing grading module of today’s school management softwares at length.
We believe that educating students is the primary aim of every school and since your grading software is to evaluate their learning, we would discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of using this technology in your institution. Whether you are a small school in its early years or an established school system having several branches you must give your evaluation procedures a serious thought before diverting your attention to any other areas of your school.
Importance of Grading Software In Schools – Do’s and Don’ts


  • You must involve your entire faculty to decide on the assessment processes you want to adopt.
  • You must do a lot of research before deciding on adopting a grading software to automate your processes. Your grading software should fit your evaluation patterns and procedures. You should not change your exam management system to fit the software.
  • Look for a software company which specializes in building software for schools. If you go with a big name, it is likely that you will have more disadvantages than advantages.
  • Although it is somehow beneficial to collect feedback from schools which are already using some kind of grading software, it would still help if you make up your own mind then take the decision. Generally the best company is the one with best customer service. If they listen to you and they can address customizing needs in the software and they are helpful and responsive, you could go with them.
  • We strongly urge you to ask for a trial period before making any contract for a longer term.
  • Be aware of advancements in the field of technology. Go for an internet based software that you can run through a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • It will be better if you look for a software company that allows to make monthly payments rather than lump sum amounts. You would be able to withdraw if it does not work for you, without making a lot of sacrifice money wise.
  • Always go through the terms and conditions and go through their privacy policy in detail. Be aware of any hidden charges such as cancellation charges and what not.
  • If you are a big school and have a lot of branches do ask about the variety of analytical reports that you will be able to generate for your perusal.
  • We live in the age of technology and you must show it to the parents of your pupils that your school is a progressive school that embraces technology and uses it to close gap between parents and school. This means that your grading software should come with a parent login which they can use to view results and progress reports of their children.
  • Always make sure that you acquire services of a software company which is ready and willing to make tuning to your grading software the way you want to.


  • We strongly urge you to stay away from free school management software. They will come with all kinds of bugs and they will give you no room to make any changes about it. Your evaluation and grading software will end up in a closed box.
  • Do not go with a software that you have to install on the computer. They could mess up and slow down your computers. Like mentioned earlier, go for a web based application that you will be able to access from any computer with an internet connection.
  • If you are thinking of hiring a software company and tell them to build something from scratch, you should be ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. They will need a lot of time to build it and test it. The ideal thing would be to find a mid way. If thou shall seek, thou shall definitely find a software company which is ready and willing to make changes you want.
  • Don’t forget to investigate how much training period is required and what training material is available from that company. You should know your teachers have to learn to work on it so get something which is easy to learn and use.
  • Always confirm about the security of your data and what is the back up system that this grading software company uses.

Finally, remember that when you are working with kids you should make it your first commandment to never ever make any decision in haste. Whether it is about the grading software that we are discussing about or anything else at your school. Just think and feel that you have the future in your hands!

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