Q1.   Will my data be secure from any loss etc.?

We will be taking backup of our data bases on daily basis and the chances of data losses are extremely rare.

Q2.   I am already using desktop software. How will I be able to switch to your

new system?

Your existing data will need to be migrated to our data bases. We will extend our help in converting your data to the new system if you are using our Professional package.

Q3.   What if there is some problem in your website?

Our servers are very reliable but still the possibility of a website becoming down cannot be ruled out.  However if it becomes down, it will be only for a few hours.

Q4.   Can I use my own website and hosting?

At some later stage, if you feel necessary. This facility is available in our Professional package. In that case, we will need to have the user name and password of your ‘Control Panel’ and MS SQL Database’.

Q5.  I want to print Fee Bills as per my own format. What help will you provide me in this regard?

In the Professional package and Standard package, we will modify the format of Fee Bills according to your requirements without any extra charges.

Q6. I want to modify format of Progress Reports.

In the Professional and Standard package, we will modify the format of Result Cards / Progress Reports according to your requirement without any extra charges

Q7.   Why should I start using your system?

You can start using the softwareright away from our web based portal. There will neither be any need to install the software on your computer nor you will be required to purchase the software and instead you can use it on economical monthly rent basis.

Q8.   If the Internet speed in my part of the World is not that good, will I still be able to use your system?

Although the software is not very heavy on Internet (because of less graphics) but still you need to have a reasonable internet speed for using it without any trouble. For this you shall need to have a better internet connection.

Q9.   Do you give some training material?

Yes, we provide User’s Manual and it describes all the options (with screen shots) which are available with the software. In case you have any difficulty, we provide support through email or ‘Skype’ or ‘Team Viewer’ or through phone call according to your package.

Q10.   What if somebody is unable to pay his monthly rent?

Usually the monthly rent is on quarterly basis in advance and payable  latest by 5th of the quarter month. If somebody is unable to pay the rent by the 6th day, we issue a reminder and by 10th of the month if the payment is still outstanding, then we will temporarily disable the user name and password.  By doing so, the data will not be lost but only the system access will be temporarily stopped.

Q11.   What type of Windows will be required to run the software?

Our software is not compatible with Apple MAC etc. However, it is fully compatible with Micro Soft Windows XP or above.

Q12.   Which Browser runs best with this software?

Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome runs best with our software.

Q13.   What are the default date settings for each type of installments? Can it be different for each School?

The last date of payment of different school fees may vary. We can set different last date of payments for various installments of your school.

Q14.   Can I try your system without making any payment?

We offer help in two stages:

On the first place, you can go through the ‘Power Point’ demo which is free.

Secondly, you can use the Basic version (by paying only first month charges) with our money back guarantee if you cancel it within one month.

Q15.   Is it possible to change Late Fee Payment Schedule and Late Fee Fine Amount for my school?

Yes, while setting up details of your school, we can change it according to your requirements.

Q16.   If I want to start using your software in the middle of our session what will happen to my previous data?

It entirely depends on your requirement. There will be no problem from our side; rather we will help you to complete all your previous data in the shortest possible time.

Q17.   How many days will you require to set up details of my School?

Usually we take one or two business days. To be on the safer side, we request for maximum 2 business days.

Q18.   Will I need to continue my manual work after start using your software?

We would recommend continuing your manual work for at least 3 months so that you become familiar with all the facilities of the software.

Q 19.   What if the speed of your website becomes slow? Will I be able to switch to my own website and hosting?

If you are using Professional package, we have no objection to let you use your own domain and hosting. For this purpose we would be requiring user name and password for your data bases because these need to be entered in the software code.

Q20.   If I want to purchase your software instead of using it on rent, what will be price of your software?

If you want to be independent we will have no objection. The one time price of our software (without the source code) is $ 2400 for a maximum of 10 branches. If you want, you may hire us for its maintenance jobs etc.

The only condition which we want is to make an agreement that you will not sell it further to any other school.

Q21.   I have almost 10 Branches of my School. What will be better for me i.e. to rent it or to purchase it?

We would suggest start using the software for a couple of your branches on ‘Rent’ basis. Once you are confident and have learnt the detailed working steps, then it will be better for you to purchase the software.

Q22.   Can I design and develop my own software similar to yours?

You can do whatever you like but why do the hassle of re-inventing the wheel? We are offering the complete software along with its source code against a onetime price of $ 10,000 which will be much less as compared to the hassle and cost of developing totally new software which will require thorough testing for several months.

The only condition which we want is to make an agreement that you will not sell it further to any other school. You will be able to use it for unlimited schools and unlimited branches.

Q23.   I have more than one branches of my school. Will you give me some discount?

The price mentioned in our payment schedule will be applicable to the 1st branch of your school. We will give 50 % discount for each additional branch of the same school name.