Grading Software – Five Important Things

Grading Software – Five Important Things

Grading Software is an integral part of any school’s exam management system. Ideally a grading software should be a web based application which is not needed to be installed on a computer. Software should also be able to run on an operating system of any computer (including Microsoft Windows, MAC, and Linux based operating systems) that has internet access. It must be developed in consultation with the respective school’s higher management which includes Directors and Academic Board. There should be a Software Admin who should be responsible to perform setting up of different user level rights etc. Following are five important things which a Grading Software must contain:

Grading Software - Five Important Things

Easy to Run and Use

Grading Software should be easy to use. It should allow school teachers to input their student’s result information from their own locations and the results of all students should be readily available at the central database. This will not only help the schools to discontinue writing of marks in their ‘grade registers’ but it will also help them to manage result related reports which includes printing of result cards or progress reports of their students.

Options to set up Teachers’ Subject Rights

Each school provide their Teachers Data to the Software Administrator. User rights of different teachers will be assigned as per information given by the schools. After the successful login each teacher should get menu driven options according to their assigned rights. There should be different options for various levels of users. For example a teacher should have access to entering their own marks/details, a coordinator or supervisor should have access to manage and edit marks/details of all teachers reporting to him/her. Finally the principal or school head should have options to manage and control data entered by all the teachers in the school.

Options for grading students punctuality and conduct

To make a grading software more effective, it should have options for reporting and grading students punctuality and conduct. This option should either be assigned to the class teacher or the school head and they should be able to check and edit information of this form. Teachers’ remarks on students’ conduct and punctuality are important parts of a student’s progress reports. There should be a built-in library of remarks available in the software and teachers should be able to make selection from the library.

Result Cards and Progress Reports

It is important that the grading software must print out result in a customized format – with the school’s name and logos. If a progress reports shows any empty or incomplete fields it would definitely make an unprofessional impression on parents. Therefore for any school it is extremely important that they use a grading software that prints their students result cards with no unnecessary empty or incomplete test and subject fields.

Analytical Reports

A grading software must also be able to generate a wide variety of reports for analysis by supervisors, coordinators and principals. There should be options for getting all sorts of cumulative reports. Not only this feature helps analyze the performance of students but it also gives a true picture of performance of the teachers.

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