Exam Management System – Grading Software

Exam Management System – Grading Software

One of the core features of The Schoolware is its effective and efficient exam management system that automates the process of generating results and report cards of your students. The exam management system and grading software of The Schoolware makes everything associated with exams stress free.

Exams are a major event at any school, not only for students but also for the staff members as well. There are often several problems that schools face while adopting grading software for their schools. Most software comes with a pre-defined set of rules for structuring exams and report cards that do not suit the need of every school. With The Schoolware we have overcome all those hurdles.

Some of the notable features of our exam management system are:

  • You will be able to easily set your exam schedules. You can choose the subjects you want to grade and leave the rest.
  • You will be allowed to have your own logo and school name on the student’s report cards.
  • The interface is very simple and user friendly and your teachers will not have difficulty in entering marks.
  • Whether you want to show marks percentage on the report card, or you want to show grades only, or both, it is all customizable.
  • You will be able to show cumulative marks in the mid-year or final report?

The Schoolware provides you a sturdy and reliable solution that makes exam management an easily manageable task. You will reduce your workload manifold with this great piece of grading software.

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