About Schoolware

Why A Student Information System?

We are professional educators and The Schoolware is an educational software company. A professionally designed student information system cannot be made by software engineers alone. You cannot expect that a general type of School Information System to fit your school’s needs unless it has contribution from professional educators who understand needs of schools.

The Schoolware is a product that we built after implementing and trying a lot of free and paid student information systems.

The problem with most software companies is that they often fail to understand the needs of educational institutions and end up overloading their end product with so many unnecessary tools and features. They actually complicate things for schools using those software or ERP. One software we used, offered to take care of our entire school’s inventory, including school buses and other transport; it even promised to take care of health insurance of students. Well, we had to pay loads of money for the software but this overly loaded software worked at pace that was slower than a snail. When contacted, the software company asked us not to use those features to speed up the software but, they refused to return money.

It is said, necessity is the mother of invention and that is how our team got together to develop a student information system which had all the useful features. The most crucial aspect of any student information is how useful it is in solving peculiar situations of different schools. One school administration software might not fit the needs of every school unless it is completely flexible in the nature that it provides solutions.

Many schools end up buying a student information system that has too many features that they will never use. They pay very high prices for these systems but still have to do parts of work manually.

The Schoolware is a product that we have made for our own fraternity. We do not wish to sell you something that looks great only on cover. We all know that when we work with schools, we strive for excellence. The Schoolware has been developed by our dedicated team of software engineers with the same care. Welcome to the world of educational technology – educational technology that works!

Please don’t hesitate to write to us for any further information about our product and its features. Our customer service will always give you a red carpet treatment.


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