Why “TheSchoolWare”?

Imagine you are the owner / principal of your school and have hired a few school assistants who are assigned different school related administrative jobs such as inquiries for admissions, student’s fee, student’s result and liaison with the parents.

If we make a guess, you would be paying a monthly salary of not less than Rs 15,000/- or Rs 20,000/- to each school assistant. If we add up their monthly salary and multiply it by 12 to calculate yearly salary, it will be in lakhs.

If you ask your school assistants for certain reports and summaries regarding admission inquiries within dates, students’ fee defaulters, students result progress reports and their parents details, they will not be able to do it in an efficient manner and may take several days because they don’t have the right tools for such jobs.

Imagine, you are spending lakhs of rupees on the salary of school assistants but the output is not of good standard because they don’t have the proper tools.

Total one time price of “TheSchoolWare”  is a fraction of what you are already paying to your school assistants on yearly basis. If you spare a little amount to get hold of “TheSchoolWare” which is a proper software tool, your school assistants will be able to manage their jobs more efficiently.

You will need to make a quick decision because we are offering 50 % discount to the first few schools. We are also offering 100 % money back guarantee for 30 days. There is no risk and you have nothing to lose.

This offer may end as soon as we achieve the desired number of schools.

Please don’t hesitate to write to us for any further information about our product and its features. Our customer service will be glad to answer all your queries in a friendly manner.


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