Our School Management Software and Student Information System

Are you looking for a school management software or a student information system which does not end up increasing your workload? Are you sick of paying for extra to educational software companies for features which you do not ever use or need? Do you need a school management system which is user-friendly and has the simplest and fastest learning curve? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you have landed at the right place?

We introduce to you The Schoolware,  a school management software and a student information system which does all of that! The Schoolware is designed by people who are educationists first and software developers afterward. Free from all the bells and whistles, The Schoolware meets all the needs to manage and administer your institute which other softwares fail to do. More important – it does that at an extremely affordable price.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that The Schoolware offers you:


Ease of use

The interface of The Schoolware is extremely user-friendly and one does not need to be a computer ninja in order to use it. Let your administration and teaching staff focus on educating children rather than spending hours figuring out how to use your new student information system.


Decrease workload & save money

Most School management software come with a number of pre-loaded redundant and duplicate features. What would a software company know about running a school anyway? We believe that the power of our software lies in its simplicity and its affordable price. Majority of schools want to give a tech-savvy image of their institutions and do not want to pay outrageous amount of money for something they can do without. Run your school like educators and not how some software company say you should.



The Schoolware does not need you to download anything on your computer. This school management software is completely web based and can be accessed by any computer at your school and home. You can even use it on your mobile device! You can manage your school data to generate and print reports from anywhere.



The Schoolware school management software and student information system is designed by keeping in mind the role of different level of executives in your institution, i.e. teachers, administrators, school secretaries, principals and directors etc. While rights of accessing different features are pre defined in the software, you can permit further accessibility and your software will be tuned according to your requirements. In its pre-defined permission settings,  teachers have access to view and manage details of students in their own classes, grades and subjects. school heads and coordinators are able to use most of the functions and features.


Special Login For Parents

One unique feature of The Schoolware is a special login created for parents of your students where they can view weekly assessment and the homework assigned to their children. You do not have to make sure if your students show their homework diaries at home or not. The online diary feature decreases your worries and improves the performance of your students.



At The Schoolware we have a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who are always ready to help you in a timely manner. Our dedicated support system for our customers treats every query and question as if it is our own problem. Whether you need help on the phone or you send us an email, you will always find the love and care that you deserve as our valuable customer.



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